En inlingua Vancouver tenemos políticas y procedimientos para que tu experiencia en nuestra escuela sea positiva y agradable. Estas políticas cubren el comportamiento de los estudiantes, profesores y miembros del staff, así como las políticas administrativas.

Si estás considerando estudiar inglés en inlingua Vancouver, por favor lee y entiendetodas nuestras políticas. Al igual que en cualquier otra escuela de inglés en Vancouver, Canadá, estas normas existen para proteger a los estudiantes internacionales y también a las escuelas de idiomas.

Nuestras políticas y procedimientos se adhieren a las políticas de Languages Canada, la asociación nacional de instituciones públicas y privadas que acredita la calidad de las escuelas de inglés en Canadá.

A continuación puede encontrar las siguientes políticas:

Admissions policy

  1. Minimum age is 16 years old at the start date of the program. Applicants aged 16 to 18 years old at the start of the program will be accepted provided that a parent / guardian and the applicant understand all the school policies and sign the student contract. For visa purposes, a custodianship arrangement might be necessary for students under 19.
  2. Applicants 19 years old at the time of registration will sign the student contract.
  3. Health coverage is mandatory for all students. All students must show proof of valid medical insurance for their entire term at inlingua Vancouver. Student Visa students, if eligible, can opt to register in a provincial medical plan. Any waiting period needs to be covered by alternative health insurance.
  4. Applicants must pay CDN$125 as Registration Fee. This fee is non-refundable.

Refund policy

After the Application Form has been signed, the following Refund Policy will be in effect:


A. A written notice of withdrawal will be necessary in all cases. It will have to be submitted to INLINGUA VANCOUVER by fax, e-mail, mail or in person.


B. INLINGUA VANCOUVER will retain the lesser of 25% of the total fees due under the contract or up to CDN 200 if a person is denied authorization from Citizenship and Immigration, or could not get a visa, or do not receive authorization prior to the course of study; provided that the person notifies the school of these circumstances on or before the first day of the program of study is scheduled to begin and also provided that the person, within a reasonable time, provides documentation of the circumstances to the institution.


C. If the notice of withdrawal is received less than seven (7) calendar days after the contract is made and before the program starts, INLINGUA VANCOUVER will return all funds except 25% of the total fees due under the contract, to a maximum of CDN 400.

D. Subject to clause B, if the notice of withdrawal is received by the school thirty (30) calendar days or more before the start of a program of study, INLINGUA VANCOUVER will return all funds except 25% of the total fees due under the contract.

E. Subject to clause B, if the notice of withdrawal is received by the school less than thirty (30) calendar days before the start of a program of study, INLINGUA VANCOUVER will return all funds except 40% of the total fees due under the contract.


F. If the notice of withdrawal is received by the school, or a student is dismissed within 10% of the program of study’s duration, INLINGUA VANCOUVER will return all funds except 50% of the total fees due under the contract.

G. If the notice of withdrawal is received by the school, or a student is dismissed after 10% and before 30% of the program of study’s duration, INLINGUA VANCOUVER will return all funds except 70% of the total fees due under the contract.

H. If a student withdraws or is dismissed after 30% of the program of study’s duration, no refund will be given.


I. If INLINGUA VANCOUVER changes the start date of a program after the contract has been signed, and the person does not want to take the course in the new date, the person will be given a refund of 100% of the fees including the application fee and all other fees charged.


J. If the person wants to change the start date, provided that the person notifies the school in writing of these changes before 30 days of the program of study is scheduled to begin, then all the fees paid will be transferred to a later date for up to 12 months. If the person does not notify before 30 days of the program of study is scheduled to begin or takes longer than 12 months to start after notifying, then INLINGUA VANCOUVER reserves the right to penalize applicants.


K. INLINGUA VANCOUVER will only accept changes of Program of Study between one Full-Time Program to another Full-Time Program, for example, from SE Program to IP1 Program or to a Specialized program. The difference will be credited to more time of study in the same program. Balances can not be used to pay for books, homestay, insurance or similar fees. Changes from a Full-Time Program to a Part-Time Program will not be accepted. All students who want to convert their Full Time Programs into Part Time Programs, for example without the Afternoon classes, will not receive any extension in time in their final Program, and under no circumstances will they receive a Refund for the difference in price. All students who want to make their Programs longer, for example to include more Afternoon classes or Morning classes, will only pay the difference between the Program they enrolled for and the new Program selected.

L. INLINGUA VANCOUVER will accept changes of Program of Study between one Part-Time Program to another Part-Time Program, for example, from PT1 program to SE Afternoon Program. All students who want to make their Programs longer, for example to include Afternoon classes or Morning classes, will only pay the difference between the Part-Time Program they enrolled for and the new Full-Time Program selected.

M. Any other changes not covered above will be subject to review by inlingua Administration Staff and will be decided within 24 hours of received request.


N. INLINGUA VANCOUVER will not retain any Accommodation Fees. They are transferred to the host families or returned to the students, through our Accommodation Coordinators. The Accommodation placement fee is non-refundable after the application has been received and the student has received a placement. Only if the student has visa problems and can prove them, the placement fee will be refunded.

O. In case of changing or leaving a Homestay, the person must inform the host family in writing at least 15 days before. If a person fails to give the 15 day-notice, the host family will retain the fees for this time.

P. Postponements or delays of arrival greater than one week, with less than 10 days notice before scheduled arrival, will result in the loss of the original placement fee. Students must pay a second placement fee and might be placed in a different house.


Q. If a person changes the date of arrival and Airport Reception (pick up), or wants to cancel the service, a notification in writing must be received at INLINGUA VANCOUVER at least 3 days before the scheduled arrival date.

R. If on the day of arrival there is a change of flights and the arrival time changes, or if the flight is delayed, the student is responsible to contact the Accommodation Coordinator directly, INLINGUA VANCOUVER and their host family, to inform them of the change. Failure to do so may result in no pick-up, as well as the loss of the reception fee.


S. In this case, INLINGUA VANCOUVER will give the person a written notice informing the student of the dismissal from the school and the reasons for this event. The amount of the refund will be ruled by clauses F, G, and H, and all the other clauses in this policy that apply.


T. All refunds will be paid within thirty (30) days of INLINGUA VANCOUVER receiving written notification of withdrawal, or within thirty (30) days of the school’s written notice of dismissal.


If the fees to be refunded were received from an Agent or the student’s parents or legal guardians, then INLINGUA VANCOUVER will agree with them if the refund is given to them or directly to the person. In concordance with clause T, within thirty (30) days of the notice of withdrawal or dismissal, the school will decide who the Recipient will be.


In the unlikely event that inlingua Vancouver closed the school, inlingua Vancouver will refund all funds paid and not used to the students or their agents. As a member of LANGUAGES CANADA, our students are protected by the Program Closure Commitment, part of the Languages Canada Code of Ethics, which indicates that:

  • In the event of a Languages Canada member program closure, the association is committed to minimizing the damage caused by the closure.
  • Member organizations are expected to assist affected students whenever possible, by offering alternative courses to students that are of an equal value, similar content and in the same geographical area of Canada where the student was originally studying.

Dispute Resolutions policy and procedure

As a member of LANGUAGES CANADA, inlingua Vancouver must follow a Code of Ethics that protects students and ensures that the quality of the school is high. Students can contact Languages Canada if they have a problem that the school has not resolved according to the following dispute resolution policy:

Individuals should always try to resolve issues informally. If a more formal approach becomes necessary, inlingua Vancouver provides a fair and reasonable mechanism for resolution.


  1. First try to resolve the issue directly with the other party (student, teacher, homestay family, etc.). If this does not work, follow step 2
  2. You can talk about any problems or difficulties with your teachers in or outside the class, or with any member of the Administration. If no satisfactory solution is found, follow step 3
  3. Put your complaint in writing to a school Director (Academic, Marketing, Accommodation). He/She will request submissions from all involved parties, including witnesses; conduct an investigation and set up a meeting within 24 hours. He will, in writing, provide a written decision to all parties within 48 hours. It this does not work, follow step 4
  4. Repeat procedure 3 with the Executive Director. If no resolution is satisfactory, follow step 5
  5. The parties appoint an outside mediator/arbitrator within 48 hours. inlingua Vancouver will bear the cost of mediation/arbitration.

Placement Disagreement policy

If a student is initially placed in a level and they disagree it is the correct level for them, this is the procedure we follow:

  • We ask the student to give it a week in the current level as lessons and materials change day to day; after one day or two days of class, a student has not really been exposed to enough of the curriculum or allowed enough time for the teacher to give a valid assessment of the student's abilities.
  • We ask they stay in the level for the week so that the student can achieve a score for their performance (attendance, homework/writing and quiz score) which will then provide a better re-assessment of what their skill and level really is.
  • Upon completion of the first week in the placement level, the student's work is reviewed and a re-assessment is given.

Grade Appeal policy

If a student does not agree with the teacher's assessment as to whether they need to repeat a level, this is the procedure we follow:

  • Confer with the teacher on the student's overall performance and work in the level.
  • Check their quiz scores, attendance, submission of homework/writing assignments and final test/presentation scores.
  • Review their overall score to see if they qualify for a conditional pass; if they do not, then we ask the student to stay the week in the repeated level, do the quiz on the following Monday and another review will take place.
  • If it is agreed to allow a conditional pass, then it is explained to the student that the teacher in the next level up will also be checking their performance (attendance, homework/writing, quiz score) to see if they are able to continue in the higher level.
  • If the teacher of the higher level recommends the student should repeat the former level for another 4 weeks, then the student is counselled to do so based on their performance and scores.

English Only policy

At inlingua Vancouver we have a strict English Only Policy. This policy forces students to speak English at all times in our language school campuses and activities. It ensures the best possible opportunity for students to speak English.

Instructors and staff will use English as the language of communication with all students and at all times on school property (except in counseling situations and in case of emergencies). Students will be expected to also follow this rule when speaking to each other.

Students communicating using a mother tongue when not absolutely necessary will be penalized. However, students using English at all times and showing enthusiasm in their classes will be rewarded.

Here is our ENGLISH ONLY POLICY, strictly enforced by all teachers and staff members:
1st  Offence No school for one day
2st  Offence No school for two days
3st  Offence No school for one week
4st  Offence Expulsion from the school. End of the program.

Because inlingua Vancouver is a friendly place, we prefer to motivate our students to speak only in English. If they use only English at the school, most likely these things will happen:

  • Students will learn English quickly.
  • Students will make friends from all over the world.
  • Students will earn everyone’s respect and admiration.
  • Students can win a prize (like an inlingua gift or a coffee certificate), presented by their teacher in the morning.

Code of Conduct and Dismissal policy

Students are expected to meet and adhere to the Code of Conduct set out in this policy while completing a program of study at inlingua Vancouver. If necessary, students should request clarification from a Student Counsellor at inlingua Vancouver. “Student” means a person who is presently enrolled at inlingua Vancouver.

Code of Conduct

While on inlingua Vancouver premises or in the course of activities or events hosted by inlingua Vancouver, students:

  • must treat all students and staff with respect and must not engage in physically aggressive, threatening, harassing, discriminatory, abusive or otherwise offensive behaviour;
  • must adhere to our English Only policy in a continuous way;
  • must comply with all applicable inlingua Vancouver policies;
  • must comply with the school Attendance policy and must not be absent for a period longer than two (2) days without notifying the school or provision of a doctor's note;
  • must not steal, misuse, destroy or deface inlingua Vancouver property;
  • must not consume, possess or distribute alcohol or controlled or restricted substances (exception when events are held with or within a location that has a proper liquor license and students are of legal age with proper identification. Students must consume and drink responsibly);
  • must not falsify, alter or misuse school's documents, records or identification, or knowingly furnish false information to the school;
  • must not misrepresent of themselves or of an organization to be agents of the school;
  • must not engage in lewd, indecent or obscene behaviour;
  • must not solicit or assist another person to commit any act which would subject a student to expulsion, suspension or probation pursuant to this code of conduct;
  • must not have improper behaviour in the Homestay / Rooming house arranged by the school or one of the school accommodation coordinators; and
  • must not contravene any provision of the Canadian Criminal Code or any other federal, provincial, or municipal statute or regulation.

The above list sets out examples of prohibited conduct. It is intended to help students understand the type of conduct that will be subject to discipline and is not exhaustive.

Students who violate the Code of Conduct will be subject to the procedures and discipline outlined below, which may include immediate dismissal from the institution.


  1. All concerns relating to student misconduct shall be directed to a Student Counsellor. Concerns may be brought by staff, students or the public.
  2. The Student Counsellor will arrange to meet with the student to discuss the concern(s) within 5 school days of receiving the complaint. If the alleged conduct is of such a serious nature that an immediate dismissal may be warranted, the Student Counsellor will meet with the student as soon as is reasonably possible.
  3. Following the meeting with the student, the Student Counsellor will conduct whatever further enquiry or investigation is necessary to determine whether the concerns are substantiated.
  4. Any necessary inquiries or investigations shall be completed within 5 school days of the initial meeting with the student.
  5. The Student Counsellor will meet with the student and do one of the following:
  • (a) Determine that the concern(s) were unsubstantiated;
  • (b) Determine that the concern(s) were substantiated, in whole or in part, and either:

    • (i) Give the student a warning setting out the consequences of further misconduct;
    • (ii) Set a probationary period with appropriate conditions; or
    • (iii) Recommend that the student be dismissed from inlingua Vancouver.
  1. The Student Counsellor will prepare a written summary of the determination. A copy shall be given to the student, and the original will be placed in the student file.
  2. If the student is issued a warning or placed on probation, the Student Counsellor and the student will both sign the written warning or probationary conditions and the student will be given a copy. The original document will be placed in the student’s file.
  3. If the recommendation is to dismiss the student, the Executive Director of the institution will review the recommendation and accept or reject it. If the recommendation is accepted by the Executive Director, the Executive Director will meet with the student to dismiss him/her from study at the institution. The Executive Director of the institution will deliver to the student a letter of dismissal and a calculation of refund due or tuition owing, in accordance with PCTIA Bylaw 37.5. If the recommendation is rejected by the Executive Director, the Executive Director will follow steps 5 through 7, above.
  4. If a refund is due to the student, inlingua Vancouver will ensure that a refund is forwarded to the student within 30 days of the dismissal.
  5. If the student owes tuition or other fees to the institution, inlingua Vancouver may undertake the collection of the amount owing.

Attendance policy

At inlingua Vancouver we take very seriously students’ attendance to class. It is the only way for students to guarantee that their learning experience will be constant and that they will reach their goals. It is easy for students to come every day to class. They just have to make an effort every day, one day at a time. Their effort will be compensated very soon and they will progress and they will become more fluent in English. We have an Attendance Policy that will help students attend class, enjoy their time and also guarantee that other students with poor attendance will not interrupt their courses and their learning.

  • inlingua Vancouver students must keep good attendance and attend at least 80% of their classes.
  • If a student is absent more than 4 days a session, he/she will fail the level and will be suspended for that session.
  • If a student is suspended from two sessions, he/she will be expelled.
Student action Student is absent for 1 day in any week Student is absent for 2, 3 or 4 days in any week Student is absent for 5 or more days in a 4-week session After suspension from one session, Student is absent again for 5 or more days in a 4-week session
Consequence Verbal Warning Written Warning notice Written Suspension notice from the current session. Student will repeat the level Expulsion from school

If a Student is absent for 2, 3 or 4 days in any week in a session without a valid reason:

  • Student will be warned in person and will receive a writing warning notice.
  • If not possible, inlingua Vancouver will contact the student, agent, parent or guardian and inform them.
  • If a student cannot be contacted to be warned, the warning notice will be kept at the school front desk and the student is anyway responsible for coming back to class. After the warning, students must come to class and not skip any other day.
  • In a 4 week session, to keep good attendance, the maximum numbers of days a student can be absent is 4.

If a Student is absent for 5 or more days in a session without a valid reason:

  • Student will be suspended from the session and will repeat the level.
  • inlingua Vancouver will inform the student’s agents, parent, guardian, sponsor, or any other entity paying for the students’ courses about the students’ suspension.
  • Suspended Students will not be allowed at the school campus or activities and are expected to study by themselves.
  • Students who want to study will be offered online lessons as a means to keep them learning.

After suspension from one session, If a Student is absent again for 5 or more days in a session without a valid reason:

  • Students will be expelled from the school and their program will finish.
  • inlingua Vancouver will inform the student’s agents, parent, guardian, sponsor, or any other entity paying for the students’ courses about the students’ expulsion from school.

Thanks for respecting the attendance policies. Following them will help you succeed in your academic and professional goals now and in the future.

Note: inlingua Vancouver is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). As such, we are required to report to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) the enrolment status of students who hold study permits. Our Students are required to remain enrolled and actively pursue studies at inlingua Vancouver while in Canada.

Vacations and other interruptions policy

A. If you are sick and provide sufficient supporting medical documentation, classes missed will be added to your program.

B. If you request a vacation and it is approved, the time of your vacation will extend your end date.

C. Classes missed without an authorized vacation or for any other reasons will not be added to your program and will not extend your end date.

Vacation Policy - Instructions

  1. To be eligible to request a vacation, you must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 weeks at inlingua Vancouver.
  2. A minimum of 2 weeks’ notice is required for Vacation requests. An administration non-refundable fee of $100 will be charged for Vacation requests with less than 2 weeks’ notice.
  3. You must provide a strong reason for the request and inlingua Vancouver has the right to refuse approval.
  4. Vacation period is minimum for 1 week and maximum for 24 weeks.
  5. inlingua Vancouver will respond to Vacation requests on Friday of the week.
  6. If approved, you will need to inform your teachers of your vacation plans.
  7. You are responsible to maintain your visa status while on vacation. To continue studying, you may need to extend your visa. inlingua Vancouver will not issue letters of acceptance to cover your vacation time.
  8. If staying in homestay or other type of accommodation arranged by inlingua Vancouver, you will need to contact your Accommodation Coordinator. Vacation time will not extend the accommodation period.
  9. Minor students will need written consent from their parents/legal guardian to request a vacation.
  10. Refunds will not be given for deferred tuition as a result of a vacation.