School Activities

A classroom is a great place to improve all of your language skills. But you have to use English outside the classroom, in our activities if you want to learn to Speak English Now!

Our Activities take place every day after school. Our students play sports, watch movies, visit the beach, watch hockey games, go rollerblading, visit a museum, go skiing or snowboarding, go white-water rafting or just relax in a cafe. We also have free movies on large-screen televisions at both campuses.

Our Activities Coordinator and often our teachers take part in our activities. This gives our students the chance to practice their English with native speakers outside the classroom.

Never a dull moment!

Download our Activities Calendar for this month in a PDF file here:


Activities Calendar


inlingua Vancouver students go skiing and snowboarding, go ice skating and try out the traditional Canadian sport of curling in the winter. In spring they can do rollerblading, yoga, basketball and indoor soccer.

Swimming, outdoor soccer, basketball and volleyball are the summer sports for our students. And in fall, we have indoor soccer, yoga and basketball.

inlingua Vancouver has a championship-winning soccer team that plays in an inter-school Vancouver soccer league.


Our students go on weekend trips to nearby cities like Victoria, Whistler, Seattle or The Rocky Mountains. We coordinate these activities with tour companies such as West Trek Tours and Club ESL. They ensure students get a great experience at an affordable price. Our activities coordinator will help you book your trip and give you advice on what, when and how to do and plan your trips.

Visit our YouTube channel to see great videos or our school blog to discover more about our activities, trips, sports, and events.

Click on the video below to see some of the highlights of our activities in previous years.

Activities highlights in 2016.

Activities highlights in 2015.

Activities highlights in 2014.

Activities highlights in 2013.